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Properly lubricating the inside of a heavy-duty diesel engine requires more than just creating a protective film. Texaco® Delo® heavy duty engine oils provide soot dispersancy, wear protection and sludge control, to guard against loss of engine life and help reduce fuel and oil consumption. Hear from those who rely on Delo day in and day out.

Texaco Delo - Freddie Creed testimonial

Freddy Dodge, Gold miner 

"Quality lubricant is #1 in keeping equipment running."

Texaco Delo - Kokosing Construction testimonial

Kokosing Construction:

End-to-end protection with Delo

Texaco Delo - Hoge Motor Oil fleet teardown testimonial

Hoge Motor Company:

Trust their fleet to Delo

Texaco Delo - Ozark Motors fleet testimonial

Ozark Transportation teardown:

See the difference

Texaco Delo - RE West Transportation fleet testimonial

R E West Transportation

Delo 400 and Delo ELC

Texaco Delo - Boaty Transportation fleet testimonial

Boaty's Transport teardown:

See the results

Texaco Delo - Mike Papac ambassador

Mike Papac from History®

Network’s AxMen® 

Texaco Delo - Dale Kitchens ambassador

Dale Kitchens

From The Edge of Farming

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