Top performing heavy duty diesel engine oils, coolants/antifreeze, transmission fluids, gear oils, greases and hydraulic oils.

Texaco Delo advanced products are designed to deliver high-level engine cooling system and transmission protection with optimised fuel economy, meaning whether you’re looking for improved running costs or less downtime, Texaco Delo can help save you money.

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To find out more about Texaco Delo engine oils and ancillary products, and what they can do for your for vehicle fleets, off-road equipment, and your business, please contact us.

Texaco Delo Engine Oils

Texaco Delo heavy duty commercial vehicle engine oils, driveline lubricants, greases and extended life coolants are formulated to meet stringent API, OEM and ACEA specifications and environmental requirements, while offering heavy diesel engine equipment optimum protection while helping to achieve lower maintenance costs.

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Truck, bus, commercial, off-road, construction, mining, agriculture, cummins ces 20086 approved oils, m3677 oil, scania ldf 4, Volvo VDS-4, Volvo VDS-5, MB 228.51 ,MB 228.61
Texaco Delo - keeping business moving Texaco Delo - keeping business moving

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The history of Delo

The history of Delo

Customer success stories

From 100 years of Chevron formulating expertise came Delo 400 with ISOSYN Advanced Technology. Engineered to deliver longer oil life, better wear protection and ultimately longer engine life.

Texaco Delo - Ozark Motors fleet testimonial Texaco Delo - Ozark Motors fleet testimonial
Ozark Motors 4:15
Today, with the next generation 5W-30 full synthetic, we’ve got the fleet at 75,000 miles and planning to stretch that to 100,000.” Glen McDonald, Ozark Motors
Texaco Delo - Hoge Motor Oil fleet teardown testimonial Texaco Delo - Hoge Motor Oil fleet teardown testimonial
Hoge Motor Company 5:06
“Chevron and Delo and their products have just been great..." - Tommy Hoge, Co-Owner, Hoge Motor Co.
Tough in action

Up here on the ice roads. Delo is just what we use.

Lisa Kelly
History® Network’s Ice Road Truckers® Delo user since 2005

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