Best-In-Class Assessment

Best in Class Assessment Best in Class Assessment

Today’s equipment is more complex and expensive than ever while lubrication requirements are constantly changing. The path to higher efficiency and productivity can start with a Texaco Best-in-Class assessment.

Put our expertise to work

Let us show you how to achieve peak productivity

Reduce Costs

Achieve as much as a 37% decrease in lubrication maintenance costs.

Optimise the potential of your lubricants

Benefit from optimised product selection, inventory management, product integrity, and improved equipment reliability.

Increase safety

Better align with health, environment, and safety targets.

Optimise your business with a Texaco Best-in-Class assessment

Our Texaco Best in Class (BIC) specialists can perform an assessment on your fleet operation to identify goals and establish the most effective lubrication program to help you optimise performance and save money.

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