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Fact is, petrol and diesel fuels contain impurities. As fuel travels through your car's fuel system, harmful carbon deposits can form on critical engine parts.


Techron fuel system cleaners help remove these deposits, restoring lost power and performance.

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For those that expect more, there’s Techron

Regardless of the age of your car, new and old cars alike can gain the benefits of a deposit free fuel system helping your engine deliver peak performance in all kinds of driving conditions. Along with greater efficiency and reduced emissions, Techron gives your car acceleration and power when you need it most—like at a stop light or merging onto a busy motorway. 

Techron in action: the journey through your engine

The journey to peak power and performance starts as soon as Techron enters the fuel system. Deposits in your engine can cause increases in emissions and fuel consumption. Techron helps clean engine deposits and reduce deposit formation. Take a journey through the engine now to find out how.

Where can I get Techron?

Techron fuel system cleaners are available through selected franchise servicing dealer and servicing workshops.

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Techron works, both in the laboratory and on the road. Through extensive testing* in partnership with leading independent global testing and data specialist for the scientific measurement of real-world emissions, Emissions Analytics, we have proven results demonstrating how Techron can help reduce emission and increase fuel economy.

*extensive testing conducted in 2013

Techron Talks: Engine Deposits

Petrol and diesel are refined from naturally occuring crude oil. Even when refined, harmful deposits can still form in your engine during the combustion process, reducing fuel economy and increasing emissions. Techron’s advanced fuel system cleaning technology can reduce deposits in your engine.

Techron Talks: Clean Engines

Techron’s unique formulation helps remove and prevent harmful engine deposits at a molecular level. But why are deposits bad for your engine? Learn more about where engine deposits come from, and the difference adding Techron to your fuel tank can make to your vehicle.

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