Delo Syn-AMT XV

Premium performance fully synthetic transmission fluid

Delo Syn-AMT XV is a range of premium performance fully synthetic transmission fluids, designed for extended drain service in heavy duty synchronised manual truck transmissions. The SAE 75W 80 viscosity grade is approved for use in Voith Retarders.

Delo Syn-AMT XV lubricants are formulated with fully synthetic base oils in combination with a premium performance additive system, available in viscosity grades SAE 75W-80 and SAE 75W-90.
Always confirm that the product selected is consistent with the original equipment manufacturer’s recommendation for the equipment operating conditions and customer’s maintenance practices

[1] Volvo approval number: 97307-039.

[2] Volvo approval number: 014

[3] Volvo approval number: 97315-016.

[4] Volvo approval number: 97319-005.

[5] Although this product is suitable for use in applications where a GL-4 fluid is specified, it should be noted that the GL-4 specification does not fully address the requirements of synchronized manual transmissions. This fluid is optimized around the needs of commercial vehicle transmissions, and may not give satisfactory performance in applications such as passenger car transmissions.

[6] In transmissions. The SAE 75W-80 viscosity grade has not been validated in transfer cases.

[7] The product meets all of the requirements, but MAN made this specification obsolete at the end of 2016.

[8] Field trial testing demonstrates suitability for use for up to 400,000 km/3 years