Prevention is better than cure: Techron helps protect engines and improve fuel economy

Prevention is better than cure: Techron helps protect engines and improve fuel economy Prevention is better than cure: Techron helps protect engines and improve fuel economy

Expensive commodities deserve your attention and care. Take your house, for example: you wouldn’t wear muddy shoes on your carpet, would you? Probably not, because it would cost more money than it’s worth to clean up the mess that the shoes would make. Instead, you would take the shoes off before walking on the carpet, thus preventing the mess from ever being made.


 The same principle should be applied to your car. Of course, some damage simply cannot be avoided; it is not always possible for a driver to stop another vehicle from driving into them. However, there are ways in which you can protect your car and save both time and money in the process.


 For example, sensible driving over speed bumps can do the world of good in ensuring the longevity of your car’s suspension, and using your vehicle frequently, whilst avoiding too many short journeys, can maintain its battery for longer. Similarly, providing your vehicle’s engine with a high-quality fuel system cleaner can not only help to keep you away from the workshop, but it can be beneficial in a whole host of other ways, too.


 In comprehensively cleaning the fuel system with a trusted, high-quality product, harmful deposits that build up within a vehicle’s fuel tank are removed, and new deposits prevented from forming, without causing harm to the engine. This cleaner fuel tank environment helps protect the engine, allowing it to perform more efficiently. The high-quality engine protection offered by Texaco Lubricants’ Techron fuel system cleaner range, comes from our vast experience in formulating fuels and lubricants across the world. Techron helps improve the fuel economy of the vehicles it is used on. The range, which consists of Techron Concentrate Plus Complete Fuel System Cleaner and Techron D Concentrate Diesel Fuel System Cleaner, is designed for use in petrol engines and diesel variants, respectively.


 In improving fuel economy, the Techron range enables drivers to travel further whilst helping to burn less fuel. As a result, you will find yourself having to spend money at a petrol station less often. Add this saving to the benefit of engine protection – which means fewer trips to a workshop. It is far better to act now than to have to pay after the damage has been done.


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This article was written by Chevron technologists in collaboration with industry experts and global thought leaders.

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