Delo with ISOSYN Advanced Technology: Revolutionising Heavy Duty Engine Oil

Welcome to the forefront of heavy-duty engine lubrication. Texaco Delo, powered by ISOSYN Advanced Technology, is your ultimate partner in ensuring the peak performance and longevity of your heavy-duty vehicles. Our advanced synthetic oils for diesel engines are meticulously formulated to provide superior protection, enhanced fuel efficiency, and extended service intervals, making them the ideal choice for demanding heavy duty applications.

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Explore our range of heavy-duty engine oils and discover how Texaco Delo can elevate the performance and efficiency of your fleet. Experience the difference advanced technology makes in your heavy-duty vehicles today.

The next generation of heavy-duty diesel engine oil chemistry

Our heavy-duty engine oils are engineered to withstand the toughest conditions, offering unparalleled protection against wear and tear whilst providing better fuel ecnomy. By utilizing cutting-edge synthetic technology, Texaco Delo products minimize engine component degradation, delivering better oxidation and deposit control ensuring your heavy-duty vehicles operate smoothly under all circumstances.

Texaco Delo - Isosyn technology

Optimised for Heavy Duty Performance

Texaco Delo's commitment to excellence is evident in our heavy-duty synthetic oils, designed to enhance the performance of your vehicles. Whether it's for long-haul transportation, construction, or agriculture, our oils provide the reliability and endurance your heavy-duty engines need.

Texaco Delo - Hoge Motor Oil fleet teardown testimonial
Tommy Hoge, Co-Owner, Hoge Motor Co

“Chevron products have just been great. I know they're going to perform flawlessly --no matter what, they've always done their job."


- Tommy Hoge, Co-Owner, Hoge Motor Co.

Texaco Delo - Ozark Motors fleet testimonial
Glen McDonald, Ozark Motors

"Today, with the next generation 5W-30 full synthetic, we’ve got the fleet at 75,000 miles and planning to stretch that to 100,000.”


- Glen McDonald, Ozark Motors

For on-road fleets, the most recommended heavy-duty engine oils are full synthetic or synthetic blend oils due to their superior performance in extreme conditions, including high and low temperatures, and their ability to provide better protection for longer periods. These oils are designed to meet the specific demands of heavy-duty engines, offering improved fuel economy, extended drain intervals, and enhanced engine protection against wear and tear. 

Synthetic oils offer numerous benefits for heavy-duty engines, including superior thermal stability, better low-temperature performance, reduced engine wear, extended oil change intervals, and improved fuel economy. They are designed to keep engines running smoothly under extreme operating conditions and help extend engine life.