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The next generation of diesel engine oil chemistry

Texaco Delo with ISOSYN Technology is the next generation of heavy duty engine oil technology and is engineered to deliver better oxidation and deposit control, better wearprotection, better component durability and better fuel economy.

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Tommy Hoge, Co-Owner, Hoge Motor Co
Tommy Hoge, Co-Owner, Hoge Motor Co

“Chevron products have just been great. I know they're going to perform flawlessly --no matter what, they've always done their job."


- Tommy Hoge, Co-Owner, Hoge Motor Co.

Glen McDonald, Ozark Motors
Glen McDonald, Ozark Motors

"Today, with the next generation 5W-30 full synthetic, we’ve got the fleet at 75,000 miles and planning to stretch that to 100,000.”


- Glen McDonald, Ozark Motors